How to choose the best nail polish?

28 Jan

How to choose the best nail polish?

Have you ever looked at your finger nails and wondered why you can never seem to find the right shade of polish. You would have seen many people rock shades that you cannot even dream of wearing. You may have even been invited- without your consent- to a session of chat over nail polish. You might have felt awful hearing people brag about their polishes. You may believe that you would never find a good nail polish that suits you.

If that’s what you believe then it’s to change that thought. You can definitely find a nail polish that suits you. Trust me. The following would help you find it.

Find out your skin’s undertone

Skin tone plays a huge role in the way colours look on you. You may have sometime seen, a person looking like a circus clown wearing a shade that does not suit them one bit. Chances are, that circus clown might have even been you. To avoid this problem, you should first understand what your skin tone and undertone is. chances are you probably already know the former. One look in the mirror might tell where in the colour spectrum you fall. However of course due to the way society thinks about colour and your own notions about it, your prediction might not always be right. Therefore you can consult with a professional as to what skin colour you have.

Figuring out the undertone though can be done with the help of a professional but you can do it too. Skin undertone tone is divided into three types; warm, cool and neutral. The undertone can be identified by looking at your vein, if it looks green then it is probably a warm tone, if it looks blue then you are looking at a cooler tone. If you can’t find out which one it is- then you are probably neutral.

Cooler, less bold colours like baby blues, and berry red generally suit the cool undertone, whilst shades such as peach or midnight blue might look good on warm tones.

Try the tester always

Before you buy a product always test it in good lighting. When you trust a product, you can see if it matches your tone. Most of us generally do test the product however we might not do it with adequate lighting. When you test the product in a brightly lit environment, you can truly see the shade. This would help you understand how the product actually looks on you. Sometimes when you check the product in dull lighting, it might look fabulous on you. However once you come home and check it with brighter lighting, you might realize it look atrocious.

In the end, choosing nail polish is not difficult. Just be willing to try out many shades- do not buy them, just test them-, and you will find the perfect polish. Then of course you can show off your pretty nails, the next time people start bragging about their nails.

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