Things to keep in mind when choosing your Workplace outfit

11 Feb

Things to keep in mind when choosing your Workplace outfit

Have you ever walked into office and been greeted by a hard cold stare and in some cases a glare? Maybe you made a mistake. Maybe you were late. Or maybe you happened to walk in with an outfit you definitely should not have worn.

Your workplace outfit requires a lot of care and thought. Some companies are very flexible at what their employees can wear. Others are the exact opposite. They can be very rigid and might even suspend you if you wear something they deem inappropriate. The outfit also works as a social cue. Most of the time, people would choose to interact with you based on your appearance and your outfit plays a huge role. If you wear something inappropriate, people are going to think you are a joke and not approach you.

Therefore here are a few things to keep in mind so you can avoid making a mistake in choosing your workplace outfit.

Find out the official dress code

This is something you should do. Do not guess what the official dress code is. Find out for yourself from the authorities. In case you have any doubt about any articles of clothing, make sure to ask the manager or the person who is in charge of you. Never wear something if you are unsure of it being appropriate to wear.

So make sure you know the official dress code, it would save you so many headaches and lectures from senior employees.

Choose an outfit that is not too dramatic but also not boring

The outfit you wear to work should be one that informs people about who you are without being too obvious. So try to add an element that is exciting or interesting. A patterned scarf or a printed shirt would do the trick. You could even tie up your hair in different styles to choose your mood. Simply put do not wear something that is boring. If you wear something boring, people would think of you as uninteresting plain Jane. They would then not socialize with you much.

Do not wear trendy outfits

Keep in mind that this is your work place; do not wear trendy outfits unless you happen to work in fashion. If you work in fashion, then trendy clothes would be appropriate. If you don’t work there then trendy clothes a big No-No. Go for elegant clothes that a classic. Shirt, jackets and pants are always good work clothes. If your office requires you to wear a suit then pair up elegant suits with gentle shirt colours and shoes that have a heel lower than three inches.  Do not try to tower over your office workers wearing a pair of shy high stilettos, not only will you come off as arrogant, people will think you are trying too hard.

Hopefully the above will make dressing up for your office easy and hassle free. So keep the above in mind.

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