Two Fashion trends of 2017 you should look out for

13 Feb

Two Fashion trends of 2017 you should look out for

2017 is finally here… about two months ago. But it’s here and you should be delighted. The New Year brings so many great things. You have plenty of sales going around. You have new clothes to buy from your favourite designers. Simply put, the year would be great. However to make a fashion statement and be an absolute fashionista this year, you would need to find out the trends that are going to arrive this year.

Finding out the trends is highly important. It allows you to be ready for when the trend arrives so you start dressing accordingly at the beginning of the trend and not when it has passed. There is no use wearing a trendy outfit only to realize it isn’t a trend anymore. The fashion police would be disappointed in you.

So where can you find out the trends that would most likely in 2017. Well you can find it all over the web in many articles. Searching through all the available articles is going to be very time consuming therefore I rounded up some of the most interesting fashion trends you should look out for. Look down below to see what they are.

Stripes are back

What can possibly be better than rows of parallel lines on an outfit? Terrible description, I know. However stripes are literally some of the best patterns in fashion and now they are making a big comeback. Many designers have included stripes in their spring collection and chances of it being included in other collections are also quite high. The thing about stripes that make them so attractive is that they can suit virtually anybody. It doesn’t matter what size you are stripes can help you look great. However of course be smart with the way you use them. Horizontal stripes can make you look wider, whilst vertical stripes make you look longer. If you wish to emphasize the size of your hips, feel free to use a horizontal stripes skirt or pant. If you wish to look taller, include a vertical striped pant or a top.

Say hey to Khaki

It’s not just stripes that are going to be a trend, get ready for Khaki. Khaki is an absolutely gorgeous colour. It gives off a very natural and earthy vibe. If you wish to look chic, you could pair up khaki pants with a black top. Even stripes work very well. Keep in mind that khaki looks best with more natural tones for a chic look. Bold and bright colours might not complement khaki.  If you wish to look dressy, then feel free to mix khaki with floral prints. So a dress with both elements or a khaki top and a floral skirt, could look amazing.

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