Two things you should know about Lipstick

22 Dec

Two things you should know about Lipstick

Lipstick, the fashion essential no one can go without. Take a look outside and you would see everyone from grandmas to young teenagers wearing lipstick or an equivalent. The reason why isn’t rocket science. It’s just that there is something so interesting about having colour on your lips. Your lips look beautiful and you can capture the attention of anyone you want. These days you can find lipsticks in all kinds of shades; from pretty pinks to even black or blue. There is such a huge variety so chances are you probably own quite a collection of lipwear.

It is not enough to just own lipsticks. You need to know more about them. So here are things you should know.

The price does not indicate a better lipstick

This is very important. Many people assume a 50 dollar lipstick is better than a 25 dollar one. However this is not always true. In some cases there might be a huge difference in the quality of the lipsticks but in many cases, not really. The difference between a five dollar lipstick and a twenty five dollar one would be huge however the difference between the 25 dollar one and the 50 dollar one… not much.

Before you buy a lipstick do your research. Search for reviews on the product and find out the ingredients that go into the lipsticks you are interested in. Then make sure to go and test the lipstick out. If you find out that the ingredients are harmful, please do not do this. If you feel indecisive after testing lipsticks because you find that they apply the same or have similar great qualities.  Then choose the one that is cheaper.  Sometimes the difference between a good quality 25 dollar lipstick and a 50 dollar one could just be packaging. The tube might be dressed up more and look fancier.

Be very careful when selecting a colour especially if it is a sheer formula

Lipsticks are honestly the most confusing make-up items created. The colour you see on the advertisement and even on the tester is definitely not how it is actually going to look on your lips. The shade of lipstick can be influenced by so many things. For one, you might think that the shade will be influenced by the skin colour and this is true. However what you might not know is that your natural lip colour plays a huge role in the way the lipstick’s colour looks.

This is especially true for lipsticks and glosses that have a sheer formula. When you wear this kind of lip wear, your natural skin colour will show. No matter how many applications you use the colour would never become a constant. Two people with different natural colours, if given the same sheer lipstick will end up having two completely different colours on their lips. So be careful when selecting your lipstick if it is sheer.

Hopefully the above will help select you gorgeous lipsticks that you will love and look absolutely fabulous in. just make sure to always do some research, it would help you.

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